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Save Time & Money - Lose Stress & Strain

Your home is a blessing, but it also has its own set of challenges. You don’t know when something will break and need repair. Though you can DIY and do some repairs on your own, your time can be better invested elsewhere. And more often than not there are several challenging tasks that only a professional handyman can accomplish.

A handyman is a person can do domestic renovations and occasional revamps. Whether you need to replace a light switch or outlet in your home, coming across the complications of assembling new furniture, or wanting to fix the fence of your balcony, the need to hire a competent handyman cannot be overestimated. Hiring a professional handyman for your home improvement project will not only save you precious time, but it will also enable you to protect your hard-earned money. Here, we will thoroughly explain why hiring a handyman should be your best bet to save time and money.

1. You Will Be Able to Do Other Tasks

Your time is precious...ours is affordable. We know very well that you're busy and time is of essence for you and so, we give you room to do other things. While we are painting your room or fixing the leaky water faucet, you can do some important tasks or just take the time to relax and sit on the sofa and have a cup of coffee.

2. Handymen Respond Rapidly

Whenever there is a problem in your house, it is better to handle it as soon as possible because the issue can get worse if not addressed quickly, which might cost you even more money by delaying. For instance, a minor leak in the water tank can lead to an outright destruction of a tank if not taken care of immediately. However, when you hire a home repair pro, they will respond faster and ensure that the problem gets fixed quickly. Our quick response saves you a lot of bucks that you would have to spend had the problem gotten worse. Deft also offers after hours service because emergencies don't always happen between 9-5.

3. One Handyman Can Do Lots of Jobs

Calling a professional home repair pro a “jack of all trades”, would not be an overstatement. Indeed, our qualified handyman can successfully handle multiple tasks including painting the walls, repairing the broken chairs and addressing minor plumbing or electrical issues. This remarkable skillset of our handymen will not only ease your burden, but it will also save you precious time that might be taken up having to find, interview, and hire different people for different problems. You can see our complete list of services to take care of your home improvement or repair needs

4. Affordable Rates

Hiring a professional general contractor will be heavy on your pocket. Even for the minor leaks and repairs, their rates can be exorbitant. While general contractors are indeed competent to do the job, they aren’t interested in small odd jobs, they’re looking for the large home remodel and commercial projects. However, Deft Craftsman has a different business model and we don’t have the same expensive overhead that general contractors do so we can do the same thing for less, but we will also do the job more swiftly since we have most likely seen the same problem many times in different homes. Most importantly, we already own our equipment, thereby saving you from the hassle of purchasing the tools and then never using them again.

5. Convenient Scheduling

You will never need to move heaven and earth to find a suitable handyman. Nor will you face any complications with the appointment and scheduling. As opposed to the contractors who often have to coordinate the scheduled of groups of people, our handymen work individually and can be accessed easily. Deft Craftsman offers easy online scheduling, or you can call us the moment you need any kind of repair.

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Now that you’ve given these points a solid read, you now see why hiring a handyman for repairs is the best way to save time and money. If you need a professional handyman who will provide quality and affordable services, contact us now. We’re ready to help.


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