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Tools Everyone Should Own

Repeat after me, “A butter knife is NOT a flat head screwdriver and a shoe heel is NOT a rubber mallet”

Whether you own or rent your home, even if you're camping in a tent, you need tools. Your tool collection doesn’t need to rival that of a general contractor but your toolset should go beyond a butter knife, some rusty pliers, and novelty hammer that can barely crack a walnut, let alone drive a nail.

Let us show you some basic tools that everyone should for not if, but when you need them. This is by no means an exhaustive list but just a starting point as you build your toolset.

The “every home” tool collection must-haves

Multi Bit Screwdriver

Specifically a 4 in 1 multi-bit screwdriver. Instead of getting for different screwdrivers, this one tool can do it all. This will probably be your most used tool so get a quality screwdriver. A 4 in 1 screwdriver Includes 2 Phillips bits, 2 flathead bits, and 1/4 in. hex shaft that can be used as a socket wrench for small bolts.

Claw Hammer

Let be many times have you gone “caveman” or “cavewomen” and grabbed any hard object to hammer something in. Not only is this not efficient, but it’s also dangerous. If it’s not a hammer, whatever it is your using (rock, shoe heel, photo frame with your ex’s picture in it) can shatter and splinter leaving dangerous shards and a mess.

For the “kitchen drawer toolbox,” we like the compact hammer or sometimes called the stubby hammer. A hammer’s head should be forged steel and this little hammer has a shorter handle but still back the punch of a full-size hammer. This hammer is your perfect choice for small home projects and tight workspaces


Yes, a flashlight is a tool and a very important tool. The primary purpose of a flashlight is to provide you light in darkness whether it’s finding you the right key, looking for something under the car, sofa, or bed, hiking at night or an emergency light source during a power outage, you will always have a use for a flashlight nearby

We’re not in the business of making product recommendations but we are fans of the Ivation Emergency Power Failure Automatic Blackout Light. (we do not get any compensation from Ivation or any reseller - we just really like this flashlight). This single-LED power-failure flashlight rests in the nightlight base, and automatically turns on whenever power is suddenly cut. This enables you to locate it easily without tripping over your cat or fumbling in the dark like a bat. It can even be removed from the base and used as a handheld flashlight whenever needed.

The best option

All-in one kit.

This is your best bet and best investment. Whether you’re fixing that leaky faucet, hanging picture frames, assembling furniture, tightening bicycle chains, an all-in-one tool kit has the right tool kit for all jobs around the house. A good versatile kit should be small enough to put in a drawer and contain at least 50 of the most-reached-for hand tools for tackling all assembly, maintenance, repair projects around the home or office. If you buy all these tools individually at the hardware store, you'll easily pay twice as much.

Odd jobs or complex projects

Sometimes you won’t have the tools for a job or it’s outside of your DIY skill set. This can be anything from drywall repair to power washing, to sanding down and refinishing your favorite end table that grandma passed down to you. There’s no need to go out and buy $100’s of dollars of tools and equipment you’ll only use once. Call us today to get a free estimate for that project you’ve been putting off because you don’t have the right tools. See all of the services we have to offer. Besides, your time is precious...ours is affordable.


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